Employers need to focus on Ability

WorkFit Scheme encourages employers to focus on people’s abilities rather than their disability

WorkFit is a scheme hosted by the Down’s Syndrome Association to match jobseekers who have Down’s syndrome with employers who have jobs to offer. A dedicated WorkFit Officer supports both the jobseeker and the employer through the process – they listen to the business needs of employer and the hopes and ambitions of the jobseeker.

We featured one of their success stories – Todd Scanlon – when he was named the UK’s Best Apprentice of the Year in 2019 (follow this link to see our article). Todd started working on a trial basis in 2018 and has since become a permanent member of staff. His impact has also meant the company adopted a new slogan “no stigma here”!

The WorkFit scheme featured in a BBC news article as they appointed a new employment officer – Roy Perrett – to encourage more businesses and candidates to sign up as the statistics show the scheme is still needed: “Only 5.1% of people with a learning disability are actually in employment so it really demonstrates that we have got a lot of work to do”.

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