Disability and Employment: Language and Communication (Ref OS13)

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Date(s) - 15/12/2020
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Language and Communication

Free online workshop

Click here to book this online courseThis workshop is available either as a follow on to our four-part Disability and Employment series, or as a stand-alone session. It supports delegates to overcome language or communication barriers they may experience when working with disabled colleagues or customers, with practical advice on how to initiate a more “comfortable” conversation.

Designed for Managers and Staff in any business sector or role, our workshop is delivered live by experienced trainers who have worked in the field of disability for over twenty years combined. We aim to replicate our in-class training approach to our online delivery, so the session is fully interactive, informative (and fun!).

We limit places to a maximum of 15 to enable full participation. Our Open Programme series caters for smaller employers with fewer staff members (ie when you only need 1 or 2 places). Alternatively, for larger employers with groups of 6 or more, we can provide this workshop specifically for your organisation – dates to be agreed on request – and still free of charge if you are based in Devon!

This workshop covers:

  • The benefits of employing someone with additional needs – an introduction to a positive view of disability and employment and the benefits for business.
  • Language – an insight into the importance of language, disability language and etiquette and ‘what language should we use?’. Delegates will have the opportunity to consider terms and phrases and their uses in contemporary society.
  • Communication – how can you help as a colleague or manager? Includes a review of ‘how’ we speak and give instruction, our working environment and planning effectively.
  • Hints and Tips – practical suggestions to consider when interacting with colleagues and customers.

Prior to starting the workshop, all delegates receive a Learner Pack, which contains:

  • brief details about what to expect in the 2 1/2 hour workshop
  • background information on accessibility
  • ‘how to’ information about using the Zoom functions
  • links and files needed for the learning activities
  • a note about the terminology used (see note 3 below).

Once you’ve complete the workshop, we will also send you a learning review pack which contains all the presentation slides (with additional notes) and space for you to add your own notes and comments to aid your learning. All of the Be Ready Employer Hub training workshops are free to attend (but please see notes 1 and 2 below if you are booking from outside Devon).

To book your place on this workshop (reference OS13 Tuesday 15th December 10:00 am), please click this link to go to our Eventbrite Booking page.

Note 1: Due to the way all Be Ready Employer Hub services are funded, they are only available free of charge for Devon-based employers. However, we recognise employers from outside Devon my wish to attend our online training. Therefore, we prioritise places for participants based in Devon, with bookings from other areas held on a waiting list until a space place is available.

Note 2: All of the information provided in our disability awareness training is relevant only to UK-based law and regulations. We recognise that Eventbrite promotes its registration services globally, but we are unable to accept any bookings from outside the UK.

Note 3 – the language used in the session – please be aware that some of the language used, and the communication situations shown could make you feel uncomfortable. We deliberately use words, phrases and terminology that are considered offensive or non-PC (politically correct). This is because feedback has shown us people can get overly conscious about their language when talking to a disabled person – to the point where they may avoid communicating at all! If you have concerns that the topic under discussion may feel too personal for you, let us know. We have a facility in the workshop to ask for assistance privately and be able to ‘step out’ of the main session into a private space for the time you need.