25 Years since the Disability Discrimination Act

Disability laws are 25 years old, what next?

This BBC article interviews six people affected by the legislation – either by having campaigned for the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), used it or worked with it:

  • Baroness Jane Campbell was a protester in the 1990s after being sacked from her job at a charity because she was not physically able to use a typewriter.
  • Kaliya Franklyn is an activist and blogger who used the Equality Act to sue her charity employer for failing to accommodate her request to work from home due to her impairment.
  • Justin Tomlinson MP is the Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work who is currently working on a National Strategy for Disabled People.
  • Chris Fry is a lawyer who specialises in disability discrimination who has seen his caseload increase seven-fold during Covid-19.
  • Mike Adams is the Chief Executive of Purple who focus on the economic aspects of disabled people and business (Mike was the Key Note Speaker at our launch event in March 2020).
  • Heather Lacey is an award-winning activist and campaigner who was 2 years old when the DDA was passed.

This link goes to the original article – read what these six think of the law as it stands and what they would like to see next..

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Front cover of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995)