Kit clash frustrates colour-blind rugby fans

Six Nations 2022

Wales and Ireland playing in traditional colours of red and green

Despite World Rugby publishing new guidelines in October 2021 to help people affected by Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD), teams are not required to change their kit colours until 2027 to prevent a colour clash. Unfortunately Wales and Ireland’s red and green kits are especially hard to tell apart for the one in 12 men and one in 200 women worldwide who are colour blind.

“Every year our social media feeds are full of angry colour-blind fans unable to follow the Ireland v Wales Six Nations game,” said Kathryn Albany-Ward, founder of Colour Blind Awareness. “We’re bracing ourselves for an avalanche of complaints this year.”

The image below mocked-up by BBC/Getty Images show how someone with red/green colour deficiency may see the kits, although everyone has a different level of deficiency.

The colour of sports’ clothing is an issue for a range of sports, including football. Follow this link to see an article from September 2020: Colour blindness in football: kit clashes and fan struggles

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2 footballers - one image in full colour, the second image in monochrome to highlight difficulty for colour blindness