The Autism Friendly Toy Shop

“Proudly Autism Friendly”

The Be Ready Employer Hub team loved seeing this article on the BBC News site about the “My Small World” toy shop in Bath – who proudly promote that they are autism friendly.

As the video in the article shows, they use very simple ways to take the anxiety away for parents and children: from turning down the lights or playing your favourite music, to letting the children play, make noise or even have a meltdown when they have a sensory overload! This has been developed by employee Romilly, who is autistic: “I wish places like this had been around 17 years ago when I was a child.”

With simple adjustments, any business can become disability-friendly. To learn more about how to do this, book a place on our free online Disability Awareness training workshops.

Video produced by Alex Howick. External news article – all publishing rights and copyright remain with the original publisher and author.

A Sign outside the My Small World Toy Shop showing how they are autism friendly