Coronavirus – helping disabled people in a crisis

Purple CEO Mike Adams’ practical tips for helping disabled people

Mike Adams, Chief Executive of We Are Purple has published a video with useful tips on how to maintain good customer service for disabled people during the coronavirus lock-down.

Everybody is anxious during a lockdown but for some disabled people, it presents additional complications on top of their usual lives. So Mike shares some practical advice about how we can make a difference to disabled customers, those with long-term health conditions and others who are feeling more vulnerable at this time. For example:

  • if you are making a delivery – providing a more specific delivery time enables a disabled customer to have any support they need on hand.
  • if you are calling – speak slowly and clearly, allowing the caller plenty of time to explain what they need without interrupting.

These tips make for better customer service at any time, not just in times of crisis, so for more information, please visit We Are Purple who are changing the conversation on disability by bringing disabled people and businesses together.

Please click this link to go to Mike’s short video

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Image of Mike Adams, Chief Executive of We Are Purple